Yin Fei Gwee
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Custom Typeface
Kalli Italic display typeface
for ECAL Photography Book
14th Nov 2013
Galerie Azzedine Alaïa
Art direction photography and illustration for Books Actually
From the Belly of the Cat edited by Stephanie Ye
Book launch:
Fexy Sans bilingual typeface for Design Preis Schweiz
& Marie Lusa Studio -Young Swiss Design Kaledeiscope
Exhibition: 26th Sept to 3th Oct 2013 - Beijing Design Week
Shanghai Gallery K11 - 19th Oct to 3rd Nov 2013
Graduation Exhibition: ECAL Bachelor and Master 2013
Vernissage: 19th Sept 2013
Graduation Ceremony: ECAL Promotion 2013
Date: 19th Sept 2013
Sexy Sans display typeface for ECAL Milano 2013
Exhibition: 8th to 14th Apr 2013
Spazio Orso 16, Milan
Book Design in Centre Pompidou, Paris
Book Machine Press by OneStarPress & ECAL
Festival: 20th to 25th Feb 2013
Fexy Sans work-in-progress exhibited at ECAL Half-time
Exhibition: 11th Feb to 16th March 2013